Your Goods

  • Do you get a discount at your place of work. Do you have any equipment or materials that we could make use of?

Your Money

  • Every little helps. Remember if you are a UK Tax payer register for gift aid with us and we will receive a penny for every pound you donate.

  • The latest Gift Aid Form can be downloaded here

  • Purchasing your goods through makes us money without costing you a penny!

  • Does your employer have a match funding scheme?

  • Do you know of any Grants we might be applicable for?

  • Be A Sponsor? Please contact if you are interested in sponsoring us

Your Time

  • If everyone gave up 1 hour a year to do something in support of our group it would free up an immense amount of time which would enable us to do even more in every age range of our group. From fund raising to digging and building you have time we could use

Your Expertise

  • Do you have a hobby or skill you would like to share with young people.

  • What ever it may be if you have a passion we would love you to share it with us!

Your Group!