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  • Sea Scout Jumper
  • 1st Standlake & Cokethorpe Sea Scout Polo Shirt
  • Necker Blue and White (pressed and rolled correctly)
  • Woggle
  • Black Shoes (polished to high shine)
  • Black Socks
  • Sea Scout White Hat With Tally band
  • Scout Belt (must be central to trousers or skirt and clean)
  • Black Smart School Trousers (pressed with a seam down the front and back) or
  • Scout Navy Blue Activity Trousers (pressed with a seam down the front and back) or
  • Black Skirt (Girls) A- Line Knee length pressed and worn with black tights).
  • Please remember to always bring a change of clothes with you for activities.
  • Always keep your uniform neat while at Scouts because an inspection may be done at the end of the evening.



  1. West Oxon District Badge (left) & Oxfordshire County Badge next to it
  2. Badge 2
  3. Badge 3 Challenge Badges
  4. Badge 4 Leadership Award
  5. Badge 5 Scout Membership
  6. Badge 6 Activity Badges
  7. Badge 7 Staged Activity Badges
  8. Badge 8 Moving on award
  9. Badge 9 Participation awards
  10. Badge 10 Chief Scout's Gold award
  11. Badge 11 RN Recognition Badge
  12. Badge 12 Union Flag
  13. Badge 13 Awards
  14. Badge 14 Name Tape - 1st Standlake & Cokethorpe Sea Scout Group

 Sea Scout Jumper 

Badges and Awards for Sea Scouts

Sea Scouts may achieve the same awards as other Scouts. The challenge awards can be adapted to achieve a more nautical bias to enable Sea Scouts to build on the skills training they receive.

Scout Activity Badges

There are many activity badges that can prove to be particularly suited to Sea Scouts to recognise their achievements or the following of an activity for a period of time. In addition there are the three Nautical Skills activity badges which combine a number of activities together with maritime tradition and associated skills.