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Arriving for Meetings


Meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at Standlake Village Hall, at 630pm until 8.00pm.

  • All cubs must arrive in full cub uniform and stay in uniform until after flag break

  • All cubs must stay in the hall when they have been dropped off

  • All cubs use the indoor disabled toilet which is through the 'committee' room.  

  • No cub is allowed on and around the stage area

Meetings outside on the Standlake Village Hall patio and grounds

  • As above and

  • No cub is to sit on the wall

  • No cub to jump over the wall

  • No cub to climb over the fences around the play area

  • No cub to go on the climbing rock or in the play area without permission

  • All cubs to stay in sight of the leaders at all times


Departure from Meetings

  • All cubs must be in full uniform for flag break
  • No cub to leave the hall without the adult they are going home with
  • No cub to run around the car park