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Parental Support

We usually have 1 parent helper at each meeting an extra pair of hands during craft, and hands on activities and for extra supervision during games. When we take the Beavers outside of the meeting hall (e.g. outside to play a game) we will need to have at least 3 adults present in total to meet our required adult:child ratios. Helping is a fun (if potentially tiring!) way to pass an hour and gives a lot to the Beavers. We very much appreciate all the parents who help us once or twice (or sometimes more) a term. Please volunteer to stay and help occasionally if you can – it also gives you a chance to see what we do at Beavers and get to know the leaders better too. Parents may help under close supervision without being CRB checked but need to be checked to help on activities away from the Thursday evening meetings. Please ask for a form if you are willing to be CRB checked (even if you are checked elsewhere we need to do the checks again within Scouting).


There are lots of other ways in which you can help, other than general help at meetings, for example by:


  • Using a skill or hobby to instruct or test Beavers for awards and badges
  • Helping to prepare refreshments
  • Supporting Group social and fundraising events
  • Assisting with transport of Beavers or equipment
  • Attending open evenings and the Annual General Meeting
  • Joining the Group Executive Committee to help with Group management and fundraising